Why Turkish Kitchenware

The Turkish kitchenware and houseware industry attracts the world's admiration with brand new products and new designs and continues to gather new successes every year. It continues to be the apple of the world's eye with its ability to apply technological improvements and to provide products adequate to needs and trends by following up customer trends closely. It also keeps its advantageous position in the global market by virtue of its capacity to meet flexible orders on time.

Turkish Kitchenware products are preferred by sector’s leading countries as UK, Germany, Russian Federation and France. These markets value the reliability of Turkish companies, the dependability of their just-in-time deliveries, high quality of their products certificated to international standards, the efficiency they inform their overseas customers about market changes and product innovations, and the ease of travelling and doing business within Turkey.

Turkish products have become a world-wide kitchenware trade mark, recognized by specialist retailers and the world’s biggest chain stores for their aesthetic, functional and original design, highly competitive prices and on time delivery.

Also, the leading Turkish companies have an effective after-sale services network both in Turkey and in the countries they export as they are aware of the importance of after-sale services.

In addition, Turkish companies are developing their administrative and production structures and are getting certificates of international standards such as the ISO 9000 series and CE marking and certificates of country-based standards such as TUV (Germany), NFS and UL (USA), GOST (Russian), STANCOCERT (Ukraine), ISCIR (Romania), CO (Bulgaria).

Kitchen culture is adapting rapidly to the changes in lifestyle
In recent times, radical changes in people’s lifestyle and tastes due to urbanization, industrialization, increases in income and consumer choices have oriented people to use more functional, attractive and useful houseware appliances. While working with simpler kitchen tools in the past, today people prefer more serviceable, colorful, design-based products.

The Turkish kitchenware industry has flourished by recognizing the changes brought by the new-era consumer trends, by keeping pace with global innovations and by closely monitoring the dynamics of domestic and foreign demands. Turkish producers and exporters closely monitor the domestic and global trends and have utilized them to improve and diversify the production capabilities.

Source: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy

In the last six years, Turkish Kitchenware export has achieved notable success in world markets through a range of materials: glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal, electrical small appliances, industrial kitchenware and plastic kitchenware. The value of exports rose from 2,31 billion US Dollars in 2007 to 3,85 US billion Dollars at the end of 2012.

Turkish Kitchenware with highly modernized production techniques
Although the kitchenware product range is very wide, Turkish industry produces most of these products intensively using modern processes and techniques. Turkish manufacturers and entrepreneurs are investing at an increasing rate to meet the demand for plastic, steel, copper and aluminium kitchenware, along with glassware, ceramics, porcelain, and cutlery. This has also been accompanied by investments in modern technology and marketing techniques to gain a greater share of target markets.

Turkish Kitchenware brand in leading kitchenware markets
The vision of Turkish Kitchenware sector is to become one of the leading global kitchenware suppliers in the world through concentrating its entire energy, sources, knowledge and experience purely on the sector in view of its own developments, developments within its customers, markets and its competition. In accordance with this vision, Turkish Kitchenware companies focus on creating differentiation in product design and branding, usage of advanced technology, of high quality manufacturing and accordingly creating a good image for Turkish products in international markets in addition to their highly competitive prices. With this perspective, Turkish Kitchenware export potential is increasing rapidly and today our products are sold in more than 150 countries. Developed markets like UK, Germany, France, USA and our regional partners as Russian Federation, Iraq, Israel, Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria are the main consumers of Turkish kitchenware.