Turkish Kitchenware Magazine

A NEW WINDOW OPENING TO THE WORLD: Turkish Kitchenware Magazine
İMMİB, bringing the world’s buying managers together with the Turkish Kitchenware industry and organizing many events for this purpose, makes its mark with a new innovation: the establishment of Turkish Kitchenware Magazine.

Our magazine, which was published for the purpose of bringing the Turkish Kitchenware Industry to a mass readership, introducing Turkish cuisine, Turkish art and designs, reaches its readers once every 4 months. On publication 5,000 copies are produced in English.

Turkish Kitchenware Magazine is prepared by an experienced team and is distributed mainly to international buying managers, Turkish Trade Consultancies, industry related media, foundations, associations and institutions, in addition to visitors to Turkish pavilions and booths at exhibitions and fairs.

The aim of the magazine is to share the recent changes in the Turkish Kitchenware industry, innovations and the unique cultural heritage and abundance of Anatolia with the readers.